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Friday, December 23, 2011

The night before Christmas Eve


It’s the night before Christmas Eve and the city is buzzing with last minute shoppers, scrambling to find those Christmas gifts that they meant to get months and weeks or days ago. Everyone in mad rush before the treck home, to ensure no need to shop tomorrow on Saturday, Christmas Eve.

It’s before a busy couple of days of family, friends, gatherings, cooking, food and resting, because we will have all eaten too much. Travel to more family and friends, more eating and resting along with all the giving and receiving of gifts.

I love this time year.  It's a time to reflect and learn. Then plan and look forward to the next year.

I have six Christmas pictures which I feel are a lovely fresh feel for a Christmas day in the northern hemisphere, where I can only dream about having a white Christmas.  One day maybe.

Merry Christmas and happy 2012 from Lilly xxx

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  1. Thanks for your Christmas email Lilly. Hope you had a great time. It lead me here, and I'm loving your blog.

    These are really lovely images. Very inspiring. Maybe for next year!