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Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Fabric Designs

First look at my 'Bumble Bee' design on white linen/cotton.

My 'bird' blob folding experiment?

The 'Bumble Bee' (brick) layout white fine 100% cotton.

My first foray into fabric design. 
I do like my Bumble Bees although I will take out the black lines in between each Bee. Will this design printed onto the upholstery linen/cotton fabric.
The 100% cotton was just a bit too fine in thickness.

Not so sure about my 'blob' experient? The colours are just a tad too 'quiet' for me.  The background on my bird blog pattern is a dull grey/blue.

Next step is to get a 'brick layout' with the red background and yellow background.  Think I may try for another colour or two. 

I'm already thinking pineapples and birds... 

More soon from Lillyxx

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